유형 원문열람 작성일 2017-09-20
제목 덕수궁 김순일 저,김종섭 사진
내용 Hello there, I am accessing KRPIA from Victoria University of Wellington. I believe my institution has purchased an access to this database but I am unable to access the book 덕수궁 김순일 저,김종섭 사진.

It won't let me go pass the first twelve pages.

So I was attempting to join as an individual but the application process continues to fail.

Can you please help me get an access to the above book?

Kind regards,

답변내용 Hello, Saera

I am Sori Yoo from DBpia customer service.

First of all, thank you for using DBpia.

Although Victoria University of Wellington has free access to the most of KRPIA resources, you may not access to “덕수궁” data.

Unfortunately, “덕수궁” can be only viewd by the institution who purchased the whole series of “빛깔있는 책들” which includes “덕수궁” at the request of the publisher.

(webpage of “빛깔있는 책들”: http://www.krpia.co.kr/recommend/product1?orderBasis=RANK&prntPlctId=PLCT00004452&mainClssCode=&page=1&pageCount=60&type=1 )

If you need to aceess to the data, please contact the library and request them to purchase the series.

I apologize that I cannot help you.

If you have any enquiry, please feel free to send me email anytime.

Thank you.

Best Regards.

Sori Yoo